Wage Reimburstment

On the Job Training

Some individuals face special barriers to employment, such as age, long-term unemployment, or lack of work experience.  These job seekers benefit from On the Job Training opportunities developed with employers. You screen applicant referrals and if you hire an eligible individual, your business will receive reimbursement for extraordinary costs associated with training your new employee.

You perform training in house as you would with any new employee, but for taking a little extra time to train someone without all the required experience, you’ll receive half their wages back. Reimbursement is typically 50% of the hourly wage for a full-time, permanent position. Reimbursement length depends on the difficulty of the job and the experience of the applicant. All prospective employees must complete a JET (Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training) application and a simple contract must be signed PRIOR to hiring or training. Contact us for more information.

Work Experience

We can help you and your business reduce employment costs, gain an “extra hand” contributing to your business, and minimize or eliminate the need for time consuming screening processes with a potential employee at no cost to you!  JET (Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training) pays the employee’s wage and covers worker’s compensation.  It gives you time to determine how a candidate works for your business without having to hire them first.  Find out more about the BENEFIT of a Work Experience and what other employers say about Work Experience.

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