Reaching Your Bar

By: Dave Cook, Career Counselor, NE MN Office of Job Training

What is potential? Webster’s says it is having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.

At NEMOJT, one of our tasks is to help people discover their potential – and then help them reach it. As with every goal, it is not always that easy. Sometimes people have ‘stuff’ that they can’t do anything about – be it medical, psychological, or family. Other times ‘stuff’ can be self-inflicted. You see, potential is not one bar for everyone; it is not one size fits all. Either way, what happens at NEMOJT is that we spend the time to try and help everyone reach their bar.

From assessments, meetings, clubs and other employability measures, we take the time to try and figure out what is the best way to help a client reach their potential.

Over the last week, I have met with several different people: one with all the potential in the world, one who was struggling to find direction, one seeking advice for a second interview, and one starting on a new journey. All these meetings were specifically designed to help each individual meet their potential – to reach their bar.

My personal brand is ‘Impact One Person Every Day,’ and I love the thrill of seeing someone get a job, or moving toward their potential. Sometimes the move is instantaneous; sometimes it is slow like moving one of the ships in the harbor. Whatever the situation, NEMOJT uses all the tools in the tool box to help get our clients closer to their potential.

I can’t think of a place I would rather be – and I am proud to call NEMOJT home.


~Impact one person every day

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