Northeast Career Edventure

All NE Career Ed Venture activities and resources are meant to complement our area schools’ current efforts to prepare students for life and the world of work.

Northeast Career EdVenture  … 

a strong partnership between the K12 system, the public workforce development system, and the business community.

Students need the right career advice to be steered in a direction that best fits their individual personality and abilities.  With college drop-out rates climbing and student debt mounting, sending kids out into the world without a clue about the best career and training choices for them only results in lost time and money.

We are here to share the expertise of our established workforce development system with students across the region to ensure they make an informed decision for themselves, and their future along with graduating with an understanding of what employers expect of them as they enter the labor force. 

Northeast Career EdVenture is in no way meant to displace school guidance counselors, but rather to assist with providing career planning services, a critical piece for an informed and prepared workforce.  All our Career Counselors possess a Bachelor or Master degree in the social sciences, are highly trained (many of whom are ex-educators themselves) and knowledgeable about job and career opportunities, locally and further afield.  

Through Northeast Career EdVenture, the business community has the opportunity to become involved with their local school, influence their future workforce, share their business expertise and give back to the community.   

Funding is Available to Support Career Exploration

If you are looking to develop and provide opportunities for youth and adult residents to explore and understand career opportunities available in the region, JET (formerly Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training), in association with the IRRRB, CAN HELP with:

  • Transportation
  • Sub Costs
  • Event Sponsorship
  • And More!!

(Please download, complete, save, and email the application form to:

2021-2022 Career Exploration Program Application

All NE Career Ed Venture activities and resources are meant to complement our area schools’ current efforts to prepare students for life and the world of work.

Individual Student Consultations:  

  • One-to-one interviews
  • Assessment Screening
  • Computer-based Career Planning Tools:  iSeek, MCIS, O*Net, From Here to Career
  • Identify Post-secondary Training Options
  • Identify Financial Aid Opportunities:  The Office of Job Training provides classroom training fund scholarships up to $4000 each year!
  • Portfolio Development
  • Resume Development
  • Planning and Goal Setting

Group or Class Activities and Presentations: 

  • Employer Expectations
  • Occupations in Demand
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Practice Interviews
  • Planning for life after graduation
  • Career Planning Games and Activities 

    Business Interaction Opportunities:

    • Business Tours
    • Job Shadowing
    • Internships
    • Industry-Specific Learning Events
    • CEO’s in the classroom (8th grade)
    • eMentoring (Spring semester only)

        Events and Workshops:

        • Soft Skills and Employability Workshops
        • School-based Job or Career Fairs
        • Applications and Mock Interview Events
        • Social Networking and the Job Search Workshop
        • Training Fund Resources: Financial Aid, FAFSA, Scholarships, NEMOJT Programs 

            For more information, please contact Alysa Hackenmueller: direct (218) 421-6071 or  

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