Looking to Learn

Take your career and educational plan to a whole new level!

Learn about your strengths and abilities today with the help of a JET Career Counselor.

Looking to Learn

It can be difficult at times to see change as opportunity, but if you can, we can help you make a huge difference in how the next stage of your life can be with a vision for a new or improved career pathway!

Our professional career counselors can help you identify a direction and prepare for a plan that could include training or retraining.

If you can answer YES to one or more of these questions, you may be eligible for tuition support.

Are you recently unemployed, working part-time or for low pay?

Are you currently a full-time student and getting financial aid? 

Are you a Veteran?

Do you have a disability? 

Do you have a family with limited income?

Are you currently receiving any public benefits? 

AND  Are you enrolled or interested in a career-based education program (not an AA) that can be completed in two years or less? CONTACT US TODAY!

Classroom Training Fund
Scholarships up to $6,500 per year

WE CAN HELP:  Pay for tuition and education expenses, Determine the best training program for you, Advise on local labor market and job search strategy, Provide support services such as child care reimbursement and transportationand much more!

Either call the CareerForce location nearest you (CareerForce locations in NE Minnesota) and ask for a JET Career Counselor or send an email to Tara Helms at tara.helms@nemojt.org with your name, phone number and address with ‘Tuition Grants’ in the subject line.


We fund scholarships each year for youth and adults to attend programs for in demand occupations at approved educational institutions.

Dislocated Workers

If you’ve lost a job because of company downsizing, buyouts or layoffs, your top priority is finding a new job.  If you are interested in pursuing a different occupation or are unsure what the next step in your career path might be, our trained, professional career counselors can work with you to develop a plan.


If you fall within income guidelines or are receiving public assistance, we can help you determine how to increase and market your skills to earn a higher wage!

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