Don’t Quit Now!

Dave Cook, Career Counselor

Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training

June 14, 2018

So, I am fortunate enough to have a radio show on Saturday mornings.  Often, when talking baseball we say – “it is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Duluth has many events, but I think Grandma’s Marathon is the biggest – if it’s not the biggest (Tall Ships, Airshow), it is the oldest event.  The one we are most known for.  Grandma’s Marathon is a big deal.

It is interesting to compare the job search to a marathon.  Runners start in packs – kind of like the job search where it feels as though all the job seekers’ competitors are applying to the same job.

Soon after the initial start where many resumes are turned in, the job seekers (just like the runners) start to get weeded out.  A few trip up, some lag behind, and some forget the skills that got them this far.  The pack continues to thin out, runners drop out, and more slow down.

THEN comes Lemon Drop Hill.

Runners say that the hardest part of a race is not when you get close to the finish line, but when you hit about mile 19 when you are so close to being done, but you still have more than five miles to go.  In Grandma’s that location is called Lemon Drop Hill.

Job seekers have a Lemon Drop Hill; it is that point where the applications are completed, resumes turned in, and interview skills are in tip top shape.  A seeker can see the finish, but it is still a ways a way – Lemon Drop Hill.

Don’t quit now!  If you are struggling to finish the job seeker’s marathon, now is when you might need some assistance.  In racing they call it finishing strong; let NEMOJT help you finish your job search strong.

Whether you are in Grandma’s Marathon, or heading to the finish line of your job search, great job on your preparation and good luck on your race!

Be Awesome!

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