Hiring Assistance

Many smaller businesses often don’t have an exclusive Human Resources department. JET (formerly Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training) and your local CareerForce location can fill this role for employers who need to collect applications and schedule interviews, need space for conducting interviews, pre-employment testing or assessment, or other services as needed. Many new businesses have also used these services while their new building is under construction. Having access to a complete, professional office off-site also helps to divert any unwanted traffic of job applicants responding to a posting.

A recruiting manager with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota had this to say about the services for new employers:

“In the Fall of 2001, Blue Cross made the decision to open a Claims Operations Center in Virginia, Minnesota. During the next seven months we needed to hire over one hundred people to staff that operation. We were especially challenged because we did not have a local office to handle the interviewing and testing of applicants for the claims positions.


Michelle Harvey Ufford from the Virginia CareerForce met with our Blue Cross team and offered the use of the CareerForce and staff to assist us with this daunting task. With the assistance of the helpful staff and the CareerForce we interviewed and tested hundreds of applicants. They handled all of the testing and coordinated the interviews among multiple Blue Cross contacts.

The staff was always customer focused and looked for ways to assist us throughout the process.

Quite simply, without the assistance of the CareerForce and staff we would have been unable to hire the number of people needed to staff our new operations center in such a short period of time and so cost effectively.”

As a partner in the CareerForce System, we can also offer employers access to a pool of job seeking applicants, labor market information, business planning data, referral of qualified applicants, seminars on relevant issues, and tax credit programs. Contact Us to speak with a representative about your hiring needs.

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