Perceive, Control and Evaluate Emotions

Dave Cook, Career Counselor

Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training

Do you know how you feel when you anticipate working with a person in any role who has a reputation for being harsh, rude, or difficult? I do. It is easy to dismiss them by saying that type of behavior has no business in the work place. Funny thing is, every time you say it, another ill-mannered professional comes through the door.

Is it possible that you are the ill-mannered professional?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions. In your chosen profession, having a grasp on your personal emotional intelligence is a key component of your success. You might be a savant in your field, but if you do not play well with others, how far will you go? If you treat others poorly, how well will they work with you? Will they want to work with you at all?

Not to mention, will they help you when you need them, as you advance your career.

Understanding that your behavior, emotional response and attitude affects your entire team and not just yourself is a great first step in removing one ill-mannered professional from the workplace. Disregarding your behavior, emotional response, and attitude is a way to ensure there will be at least one ill-mannered professional present.

Take a moment to look in the mirror and gauge your Emotional Intelligence. Is there something you might be missing, but no one else is?

Take a look at this quick video for some additional insights into Emotional Intelligence.

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