Youth Program participant


Robbie Sobczak was referred to the Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training (NEMOJT) Youth Program in 2015. He was a senior attending Cloquet High School at the time. While working with Career Counselor, Clare Balow, Robbie received career counseling services and scholarship funding from NEMOJT. He decided to go into teaching and has since graduated with honors.

Robbie is now employed as a social studies teacher at the Caledonia High School. Please read about the innovative practices Robbie is teaching in this article:


Clare Balow has helped me grow in many ways, both personally and professionally. She taught me that work ethic is important to success, so I strive to do as she does in my professional career. On top of that, Clare is great at working with people. She is kind and generous and it serves her very well professionally and personally, so I hope to do the same, as she did for me, and continues to do with those she works with.

I acquired some great networking connections and learned that people should not be afraid to ask for help as everyone likes to help others. The Office of Job Training is a great resource to help you grow into the professional you hope to be.

Robbie Sobczak

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