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Help with utilities and more!

For those currently enrolled in TAA training, we understand that you may have limited financial resources. Please check with your Dislocated Worker Counselor for additional support services such as help with a current utility bill while you are in training. Also, be aware that support for relocation, out of area job search activities, uncovered health expenses, and items to start a new job are available. You can still enroll for many services, it's not too late! Contact your NEMOJT counselor for details and to enroll for services, if you haven't already done so.

Help with short-term training!

Many dislocated workers utilize short-term training options to re-enter the workforce or to add a key credential for employment. NEMOJT has the ability to fund many short-term/high demand training options such as a Commercial Driver's License, Special Boilers License or other industry specific courses. You can still enroll for many services, it's not too late. Contact your NEMOJT counselor for details and to enroll for services today.

For Those 50 Years or Older

Please be aware of the support you may be able to receive if you are an older worker that has lost your job at Blandin. For those 50 years or older a 50% wage supplement or Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance (RTAA) can be used if you are earning $50,000 or less at a new job. The job(s) must be 32 hours per week and may combine multiple jobs to reach 32 hours per week. Contact your NEMOJT counselor for details and to enroll for services if you haven't done so already.

From the desk of John Peterson, NEMOJT Grand Rapids:

JUNE 15, 2018

The Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training remains committed to assuring that any and all employees affected by the Blandin UPM layoff earlier this year, or in the months to come, receive the existing Dislocated Worker and TAA services available to you. Many of you have already activated services and we thank you for your interest and follow through. Both the enrollment and services windows, however, are time sensitive so we encourage any of you who want to learn about, or activate services, to contact us very soon. 

Many monetary services including job search, relocation for confirmed employment, and extremely generous training awards are provided at no cost to you or your former employer. Strong non-monetary support is also available which could include job search help, interview practice, resume preparation, and suggestions for adapting to the life changes that so often follow job loss. 

Previous mailings to most laid off Blandin employees back in May 2018 outlined available services in fuller detail. Our apologies if those mailings did not reach you, but do know that we will review them with you if of interest. It is perfectly ok to be uncertain about your plans. We would be happy to help you identify possibilities permitted by the Dislocated Worker and TAA legislation.

Many of you are already enrolled, newly employed, or entering training programs. Congratulations on your success to date and know we remain positioned to help you see your plans come to fruition. There is still time for those of you who are not yet enrolled. Regrettably, however, the legislation that authorizes these services has very specific enrollment and eligibility timelines. Please contact NEMOJT staff at 218-327-6760 or contact John Peterson directly at 218-322-6083 soon to learn more and/or activate the services referenced herein. 

Thank you and good luck.

MARCH 6, 2018

USS Employment Opportunities:  Click here to view a list of open jobs at United States Steel Corporation.  If you are interested, you will need to apply online at the following address: and follow these steps - Working at U.S. Steel, Job Opportunities, Search Salaried or Wage Opportunities.  

JANUARY 23, 2018

ATTENTION! You will be receiving a notification letter to attend a special Blandin Dislocated Worker Enrollment session at Itasca Community College for the morning or afternoon of February 13th, 14th or 16th. You will have an assigned session time in your letter. Sessions usually last about two hours and are required for participation in the Trade Adjustment Assistance program. If an assigned time doesn't work for you, contact a NEMOJT Counselor in the Grand Rapids Workforce Center. (218) 327-6760

JANUARY 18, 2018

JOB OPENING ANNOUNCEMENT:  Dislocated Worker Project Liaison/Outreach Specialist (Part-time)

Two men looking at paperwork.

Under the general direction of the Director and under the immediate supervision of the Operations Director, the employee in this classification will assist in the development and implementation of an outreach program to laid off employees of large-scale dislocated worker events. The employee will help develop a recruitment strategy and coordinate outreach activities. The employee will maintain a working knowledge of the dislocated worker program and related resources available to affected workers. The employee will perform related work as required, including assisting Career Counselors with enrollment and service paperwork, developing communications with affected workers, and other outreach activities as assigned. This position is based out of the Grand Rapids Workforce Center.  Click here to view full job description.

JANUARY 12, 2018

Announcements will be sent out to laid off Blandin workers regarding Dislocated Worker enrollment sessions.  Please watch your mail for this information.

Welcome mat

JANUARY 5, 2018

The Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training (NEMOJT) now has office hours established at the Blandin work site from 9AM-11AM and1PM-3PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Drop-ins are welcome! NEMOJT staff are available to answer your questions about programs and services.

From the desk of John Peterson, NEMOJT Grand Rapids:

December 2017

"The Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training has ramped up local efforts to serve employees affected by the recent downsizing at Blandin UPM. Several well attended informational meetings were held early in December to inform affected employees of the training, job search, relocation, unemployment, and related services available at no cost to them as a result of the downsizing. Individual follow up sessions continue onsite at Blandin and at the Grand Rapids Workforce Center. Several affected workers formed a steering committee to help shape and guide NEMOJT's efforts. Community leaders, recognizing the distress and tremendous economic impact of the layoffs, have also formed an advisory board seeking to rally local services and initiatives designed to assuage the discomforts and retain that very skilled labor pool."

Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training, a CareerForce partner.